Paxton Blower Setting The Standard For Longevity

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A 23-year old Paxton Blower still in good condition working at maximum capacity drying PCBs boards....

The Client

A technology manufacturer located in the South opened its doors in 1986. The manufacturing facility builds rigid print circuit boards (PCBs) for high tech and high reliability applications. The manufacturer focuses on providing innovative solutions to all customers regardless of size, scale, or scope of project.

The Challenge 


The technology manufacturer was having issues drying off their PCBs. They called Paxton Products to explore blower-driven drying options. Paxton was able assess their current drying solution and suggested a RM87E blower. For the past 23 years, the technology manufacturer used the RM87E blower with excellent drying results. Their maintenance team performed routine maintenance on the blower at the recommended intervals to keep the blower in peak operating condition, thus ensuring continued high-quality drying. 

Recently, the manufacturer reached out to Paxton to purchase maintenance components for their blower, including the Paxton Belt, which is a key component to our belt-driven blowers.

While speaking to the customer, the Paxton engineer took the opportunity to let them know about Paxton’s latest innovation, the PX-series blowers. The PX-series blowers are as much as 33% more efficient than the now-discontinued RM87 blowers. While still content with the years and usage that the technology manufacturer received from their original Paxton blower, they wanted to know learn more about the more energy efficient blowers.

The Solution

After speaking to the technology engineer, the Paxton team was greatly pleased to know their solution from 23 years ago has been so reliable and effective. Upon reviewing the application, the Paxton application engineers, having a combined 75+ years of air system design experience, determined that an appropriate solution to replace their current Paxton blower using a 5 hp motor would be a more efficient 5 hp PX-500 ultra-high efficiency centrifugal blower. With this solution, the technology manufacturer can expect many, many more years of reliable blow off performance from their new Paxton blower.