Craft Brewery Upgrades To Paxton's Ionizing Rinser

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The Client:

A craft brewery in Astoria, Oregon is one of the fastest growing breweries in the United States. Established in

2007, the company produces over 40 varieties of beer. Their canned beer is distributed throughout Oregon and Washington, and parts of Idaho. The company, which also includes a public house and restaurant, has approximately 125 employees.

The Challenge: 

High demand for the Brewery products has meant rapid growth, necessitating updates to their canning line in order to increase production. After installing a new canning line which increased line speed from 30-35 cpm to 90-100 cpm, the facility managers sought an energy efficient solution to conserve water consumption. They also wanted to lower the Parts Per Million of Dissolved Oxygen in the cans post-fill by eliminating any residual water that did not drain prior to the cans entering the new Comac rotary filler. They decided that an ionized air rinser was the best option for decreasing water use and increasing product quality.

The Solution: 

The facility managers researched thoroughly the available options for an ionized air rinser. They sought recommendations from other highly successful breweries using ionized air rinsers, and heard strong positive comments about Paxton’s equipment. The Brewery Sustainability Coordinator met with Patrick, the West Coast territory manager for Paxton, to discuss the details and benefits of ionized air rinsing. Patrick also discussed with the Brewer how Paxton’s equipment enhances line compatibility.


The Outcome - Client Satisfaction

Four months after the installation of Paxton’s ionized air rinsing equipment at the Brewery packaging facility, the managers are satisfied they made the right decision. “Paxton’s equipment was easy to install and is very reliable. Even my newest employees find it easy to use,” says the facility manager. The Brewery managers were very impressed with Paxton’s level of customer service. “Patrick went above and beyond the call in assisting us. He showed total commitment to the product and our success in using it. After the installation, he checked in with us to see how everything was going after being on line for a while. His attentiveness to our needs along with the quality of Paxton products won my total confidence. I recommend Paxton products to my colleagues at other breweries.”