Packaging Issue? Not A Match For Paxton’s Solution

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An international packaging company specializes in Cryovac food packaging and bubble wrap. Since the 1950s, the packaging company pushed the level of innovation to solve critical packaging challenges. The packaging company’s goal is to remain energy efficient by using less material and supplying customers with a reduction in their total packaging cost, reducing packaging size, weight, and reducing loss.


Recently, the packaging company started working with a customer who has a fresh pork operation. The packaging company built two new lines specifically for this application. The pork company sent samples of their product to the international packaging company, for the packaging company to test different packaging methods. Upon receipt, the international packaging company wrapped the fresh pork in vacuum packaging and immediately washed the packages. Once the packaged meat is washed, the product moved to the drying process.

The packaging company’s main concern was the amount of wash water remaining on the vacuum-packaged pork. If the moisture was not removed from the packaged pork before secondary packaging, many issues could arise: damaged boxes and slower production times. The packaging company needed to provide their customer with a complete packaging and drying solution within 3 months and called Paxton for their expertise.


The Paxton team determined that the packaged meat could be dried using six stainless-steel manifolds and two stainless-steel air knives powered by two 10 hp blowers. Each conveyor line had one blower, one air knife, and three manifolds. To ensure the blower is not damaged by water spray, the blowers are placed in washdown enclosures. The manifolds are configured on the line on top of the conveyor, and the air knives are placed below the conveyor. Because Paxton application engineers have extensive experience in air flow technology, they were able to precisely analyze the best placement for each air delivery device for this specific application.


With Paxton’s solution, the packaging company was able to address all concerns the end user had regarding excessive wash water on the packaged pork. The end user is pleased with the proposed packaging and drying solution, and is assured that they will not have issues with secondary packaging.