Replace a compressed air knife with a Paxton Air System

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Due to low initial cost of compressed air knives, many facilities opt for compressed air knives when just starting out, for low line speeds, or for intermittent blow off and drying. As production grows and line speeds increase, compressed air knives become inefficient and cost prohibitive, due to the high volume of compressed air required: 80-90% o the energy is used to compress and transport the air to the site where it is needed. If you are drying your air before compression, even more energy is wasted.
In contrast to compressed air solutions, Paxton Products custom designs air knives and other air delivery devices for your specific application so the right volume of air is directed when and where you need it. Paxton centrifugal blowers power these air knives and devices to deliver a higher volume of air per kW of energy to dry and blow off faster and more efficiently. Energy costs for operating Paxton air knives are 80% o more less than those of compressed air. Often times, the return on investment for a Paxton blower system with air knives will be less than one year. Whether drying the tops, the sides, or the entire product, we have Paxton air delivery devices to hit your target.