Durability and resistance to extreme temperatures

Featured Product from IDENTCO International

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Masking & Protection: Our precision die-cut and masking products can be used to identify and protect parts and components, offering durability and resistance to extreme temperatures.



Our high performance masking products offer protection against harsh processes, including the application of conformal coating to circuit boards. With applications ranging from automotive and aerospace to consumer electronics, our masking labels withstand high temperatures and offer electrical insulation.


Available in a number of standard sizes, our masking and functional die-cut labels can be auto-applied on a variety of surfaces. Both temporary and permanent adhesives are available, along with a number of custom materials that can be tailored to the end use of your product.



We don’t simply supply labels; we engineer end-to-end labeling solutions that meet our customers’ needs. That often means working with your team to custom manufacture labels and identify the right printing technology for your project’s unique needs. Our project engineers can help you choose the exact components and processes to ensure your product will perform consistently, and stay within your budget.

With over 500 materials and 1,000 in-house dies available, we’re able to respond quickly to challenges and create custom, fully-functioning prototypes that meet the exact performance standards of your final product.