Power Film Capacitors for Electronics

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Illinois Capacitor offers a very diverse range of film capacitors for electronic and electro-mechanical applications. Film capacitors use polymer films having a thin, aluminium metalization layer. This construction is very durable and stable, with excellent electrical characteristics. Axial and radial lead types are available, with many different termination choices. Application-specific types include X2, Y2/X1, motor run, IGBT and high voltage.

Insulation Resistance (Terminal to Terminal): 3000 MINIMUM after 100 Volts DC is applied for 60 seconds at 20°C
Reliability: 300 failures/billion component hours
Load Life: 60000 hours at 70°C with 100% o rated voltage
Capacitance Change: 0 of initially measured value
D.F. Change: 0 of maximum specified value
I.R. Change: 0 of minimum specified value