Locks for High Security Needs

Product Announcement from Illinois Lock Company

Whether it is key control or resistance to attack, Illinois Lock has the high security mechanism to meet your needs. High security, virtually pick-proof Duo mechanisms utilize 14 to 17 tumblers providing for more than 100,000 combinations. Tripled bitted DUO keys cannot be duplicated on any standard machines, and primary, master, and registered keying is available.
DUO systems feature:

  • Elimination of lock failure caused by dirt, freezing, or corrosion
  • Stainless steel head and body guides to deter drilling
  • Switch, cam, handles, padlocks, vending inner cylinder, and cabinet lock styles
  • Retaining ring joining the plug to the barrel offers resistance to pulling and punching

Warlock systems feature six built-in code combinations for immediate in-house, on-the spot changes when you misplace a key. The ability to instantly lock-out the first combination eliminates lost key problems and potential shutdowns. Patented key control prevents unauthorized duplication, and Warlock systems feature:

  • Recodable, factory-installed locks
  • Fifteen-tumbler mechanism to prevent lock tampering
  • Nickel-silver high strength key to eliminate breakage
  • Reversible key design to provide easy access to lind locations
  • 6 built in code combinations (the initial one and five changes)