Mechanical & Pneumatic Zero Point Clamping System

Featured Product from Imao Corporation

Flex locators

Can clamp and locate various attachments and small/big fixtures quickly by one-touch operation.
The tapered design allows easy operation with excellent repeatability by dual contact.
Knob/Handle operated, Air operated & Screw held types are available.



  • Perfect repeatability by dual contact! (Mechanical: 0.01 mm / Pneumatic: 0.003 mm)
  • Slash set-up time greatly!


Pneumatic Type: New style of quick zero point system!

Knob/Handle operated type: A safe system with high visibility of Locked/Unlocked states by the knob position!

Standard type: Simple & low cost locating parts!


Model: AMWF, CP723, CP722, CP731, CP720, CP721

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