One-Touch Indexing Clamps are quick fasteners

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Watch the Video>>>>Quick Locating Fasteners for Position Adjustment 

One-Touch Indexing Clamps
One-Touch Indexing Clamps are quick fasteners with precise locating for position adjustment by sliding or rotation.
Tapered surface contact provides +/- 0.05 repeatability and ON/OFF marking and click eliminate human error.


Quick Clamping
Just a quarter turn of the knob
Easy operation

Tapered Surface Locating
No clearance by tapered surface contact
Locating Repeatability: +/- 0.05

High Clamping Force & Allowable Axial Load
170N clamping force by the original cam locking mechanism
No displacement by axial load

Visible Safety
The knob clicks when clamping. (ON)
The red indicator shows when unclamping. (OFF)

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