One-Touch Swing Clamps

Featured Product from Imao-Fixtureworks

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IMAO One-Touch Swing Clamps are manual quick clamps for machining fixture.

Quick operation reduces workpiece setup time to 1/3!


     Clamp arm swings along with handle operation!

     Available in 4 types and the max. clamping force is 6kN!



Swing Clamps

Horizontal handle swing

Max. clamping force is 3.5kN


Swing Clamps with Cam Handle

Vertical handle swing

Max. clamping force is 2.8kN


Swing Clamps with Adjustable Handle

Longer clamping stroke

Max. clamping force is 6kN


Swing Clamp with / without Handle

Can be combined with adjustable torque handle

Replaceable clamp arm