Perfect Workholding for 5-axis Machining!

Featured Product from Imao Corporation

Watch>>Perfect Workholding for 5-axis Machining!
Centering Clamp For anyone facing problems in workholding for 5-axis machining!

IMAO's Centering Clamp solves your problem! Centering Clamp is a self-centering vise for 5-axis machine or rotary table.

Self-centering jaws hold the workpiece in the same place!

High-rigid design allows strong clamping force of 20 kN with compact body.

Secure clamping with small area Two types of jaw are available.

  • Serrated Jaw
  • Workpiece

The serrated tips bite into workpiece. Indents on aluminum (A50 series) Strong clamping with tips and surfaces! Indents by tips Indents by contact surfaces Indents on steel (S50C) Indents on hardened steel (HRC38)

Dovetail Jaw Holds workpiece with dual contact. IMAO's Centering Clamp provides perfect workholding for 5-axis machining by strong clamping force and unique jaws!