Powerfully clamp your work piece or fixture.

Featured Product from Imao Corporation

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Watch>>>Strong Clamping! FLEX ZERO BASES suitable for 5 axis machining

  • Powerfully clamp both workpiece or fixture.
  • Pull clamp mechanism maximizes machining area.

Strong Clamping!

FLEX ZERO BASES For quick change of fixtures or workpieces!

Clamping Force : 12kN / Repeatability : 5 μm



IMAO's Flex Zero Bases provide a solution!

Install the clamping screws on the bottom of fixture or workpiece. Mount it on flex zero base and clamp by a single operation!

Fixture or workpiece setup time can be shortened dramatically. Pull clamping style is free from tool interference and suitable for 5 axis machining.

Flex Zero Base is quick change system with 12kN clamping force and 5μm locating repeatability. Can be used for changing dedicated fixtures and die parts.

IMAO's Flex Zero Base is quick change system with strong clamping force and excellent repeatability!