Cryogenic Sealing - Advantages of Indium

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Indium is ideal for many sealing applications, especially cryogenic sealing. There are two main advantages to using indium in your cryogenic sealing applications:

  • It remains malleable at cryogenic temperatures
  • It is soft and pliable so it fills imperfections in mating metal surfaces and creates a hermetic seal

Most sealing materials that work at standard operating temperatures will crack and break at cryogenic temperatures of -150°C.

Often sealing applications require that a seal be made inside a channel or other feature that isn't flat and smooth. Indium will compensate for these imperfections without the need for reflow.

The cleanliness of the indium is critical for sealing applications. Indium is self-passivating and forms 80-100 Aangrstroms of oxide on its surface. If the oxide is not fully removed, it can be a source of leakage when it becomes compressed within the seal. (Please see our Application Note on Indium for Sealing or Etching Indium to Remove Oxides for more details on this topic).

Indium for cryogenic seals is available in a variety of forms, depending on your application:

  • Indium Wire
    • Can be used for any manual sealing application
    • Works especially well in channel sealing
    • Diameters starting at 0.010" (0.254mm)
  • Indium Preforms
    • Provide a precise, repeatable amount of indium
    • Can be packaged in tape & reel for use in automated processes
  • Indium Foil or Ribbon
    • Ideal for sealing large areas.

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