Electronics Assembly Solder Fortification Material

Product Announcement from Indium Corporation

Indium Corp. - Having trouble getting consistently good strong solder joints? Improve first-pass yields - Reduce field failures - Improve performance - Enhance your company's reputation for on-time delivery, high quality and reliable performance.

Soldering Alloys for Electronics Manufacturing

 LINK TO VIDEO WITH A SOLUTION - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCnjHyOIOys

The trend toward product, and solder joint, miniaturization works directly against the creation of robust solder joints. Given the reduction of pad and component lead sizes, the reduction of stencil thicknesses (especially <0.3mm thick), and increasingly densely-packed components, are you even able to design and manufacture products with strong and dependable solder joints?

The answer is YES!

Solder Fortification™ Preforms are the solution for unreliable solder joints caused by product miniaturization.

Solder Fortification™ Preforms are shaped pieces of solder which are added to a solder paste print using standard pick and place equipment. The preform alloy and the solder paste alloy are the same; therefore they both reflow at the same time and temperature. The solder paste supplies the flux, and the preform increases the solder volume.

The result is consistent, repeatable and robust solder joints, manufactured with existing equipment with little or no cycle time addition, that are part of your high quality product.

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