Flux Coatings-reduce voiding w/Solder Preforms

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Indium Corp. - Solder joint voiding is tough to deal with. When attaching components, such as power amplifiers/transistors or QFNs, the larger the footprint the bigger the challenge

Next Generation     For some time now I have been suggesting the use of a preform with flux coating as an approach to help reduce voiding.  Logically, if you introduce less flux you entrap less flux. Our NC-9 flux coating is a proven solution.  Many customers are already aware of its advantages, realizing a 50% drop in overall voiding in some cases.  However, given the increasing performance demand on assemblies, the need for even lower voiding is emphasized. Simply removing the paste and adding a preform is no longer enough.  In an effort to meet this requirement, The Indium Corporation has developed the next generation of flux coatings. Our LV-series flux coating is designed to address void reduction primarily, but has additional advantages as well. LV offers:

  • A uniform, repeatable coating as low as .5% by wieght
  • Halide-free without sacrificing strength
  • Low residue gloss coating does not clog pick & place nozzles

Use this link to see graphs showing void reduction improvement over our current NC-9 coating for SAC305 and SN63 assemblies.

And access other technical insight about LV1000

To receive the complete details of this report, or, if you would like assistance with void reduction in your application,  contact Seth Homer  directly.