High Purity Indium for Substrate Manufacturing

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Indium For Substrates

Our high-purity indium ingots are made of industry-standard materials to grow indium-based compound semiconductor substrates (InP, InAs, and InSb). Indium Corporation maintains tight control of impurities at a 6N purity level and above across a large number of elements. As the industry moves to higher wafer sizes, impurity requirements are being pushed to 7N and beyond. Indium Corporations is well-positioned to work with customers to achieve compliance to specific impurity profiles.

Indium and Gallium for MOCVD

For MOCVD manufacturers of indium and gallium-based organic precursors (TMI and TMG, respectively), ease of use is critical. Our materials deliver high-density, pourable forms of these chlorides that allow for the performance of batch setups in glove box environments where space is at a premium.

For indium precursors, our indium trichloride type T offers a higher density at the same purity level as standard material, and addresses space constraints on the manufacturing floor.

For gallium precursors, our EZ-Pour® Gallium Trichloride completely avoids the traditional handling of solid material via expensive and time-consuming dissolution, melting, and transfill processes. EZ-Pour is a granulated material that is free-flowing. It is supplied in glass containers and can easily be poured manually.

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