Indium Metal for Soldering and Sealing

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Indium Solder and Sealing Products

No other metal is as versatile as indium metal. In its various forms it can be used for:

  • Sealing in cryogenic applications - stays malleable and ductile below -150°C
  • Soldering or fusing applications - melts at temperatures ranging from 6.5°C - 310°C
  • High-end device cooling - reduces operating temperatures by up to 10°C

Benefits of Using Indium for Solder and Sealing

  • Indium is ductile and malleable which allows it to deform and fill in the uneven microstructure of two mating parts, using only moderate pressure.
  • This ductility and malleability is retained at cryogenic temperatures so that an assembly can maintain an effective seal, even in harsh environments.
  • With a relatively high thermal conductivity of 86W/mK @ 85°C, indium is widely used in thermal management applications to dissipate the heat produced by electronic components.
  • Indium compensates for different coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) when bonding dissimilar parts.
  • Even in small percentages, indium can improve the thermal fatigue performance of solders used in electronics assembly.
  • Several indium-containing alloys melt at temperatures less than 180°C, making them ideal for step soldering or applications that require lower reflow temperatures.
  • Indium has a low vapor pressure, making it suitable for use in high vacuum applications.
  • Indium alloys enable solders to withstand drop tests better than other low melting alloys.

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