NanoFoil®... Instantaneous Heat Source

Product Announcement from Indium Corporation

Indium Corporation - NanoFoil® is an instantaneous heat source applicable to a variety of applications in many industries (semiconductor, aerospace, automobile, electronics, biomedical and defense markets). NanoFoil® is a predictable, controllable and affordable material that is industry accepted and proven to lower manufacturing costs while providing repeatable and reliable bonds and reactions.  SCROLL DOWN FOR THE VIDEO DEMONSTRATION

Indium Corporation has scaled NanoFoil® production to high volume in an ISO certified process and is committed to helping customers realize the technical and economic benefits NanoFoil® provides.

NanoFoil® is fabricated by vapor-depositing thousands of alternating nanoscale layers of Aluminum (Al) and Nickel (Ni). When activated by a small pulse of local energy from electrical, optical or thermal sources, the foil reacts exothermically to precisely deliver localized heat up to temperatures of 1500°C in fractions (thousandths) of a second.

Traveling approximately eight meters per second, the reaction’s rapid delivery coupled with its localized and versatile nature makes it ideal for many types of bonding and reaction initiation (energetics) applications.      LEARN MORE VIA THE LINKS ON THIS PAGE