Non Silicone Based Thermal Interface Material

Featured Product from Indium Corporation

Indium Corporation has added to its line of thermal interface materials (TIMs) with the introduction of HSMF-OS, a non-silicone based metal/polymer material designed for burn-in and test applications.

HSMF-OS is designed for high insertion capability. Its high tensile strength and soft compliant polymer backing allow it to survive multiple insertions. HSMF-OS has been tested to withstand over 5,000 insertion cycles without any loss of performance.

One of the challenges associated with a burn-in TIM is the attachment method. HSMF-OS has inherent adhesive properties on one side that allow for hand placement, removing the need for these additional steps and fixtures without compromising thermal performance. The opposite side is aluminum and it will not mark or stain the DUI (device under test).

HSMF-OS  is designed for high-insertion capability. Its tensile strength of ~90MPa and soft compliant polymer backing provides a configuration with “designed in” insertion survivability.HSMF-OS offers consistently good performance without phase change.

Watch the video to see how easily the material can be applied

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