Solder Paste...Package-on-Package

Product Announcement from Indium Corporation

Indium - 9.88-HF is an air-reflow, halogen-free package-on-package (PoP) solder paste available in both SAC305 and SnPb alloys. It eliminates defects due to package warping, head-in-pillow, and ball non-coplanarity. It has excellent solderability, a long dipping life (>8 hours), and can be used on devices down to 0.4 mm pitch.

Package-on-Package (PoP) and System-in-Package(SiP) are an exciting new technology that allows standard SMT assembly techniques to be used to manufacture combinations of different integrated circuits. For example, different types of memory may be used in combination to provide both DRAM and Flash in the same package for use in a cell phone.

  • PoP Fluxes are suitable for stacking CBGAs and small PBGAs, which are not subject to fl exing.
  • PoP Pastes are useful when board fl exing may occur during refl ow, such as larger PBGAs. The presence of a small amount of metal powder allows complete refl owed joints to form, even when the substrate twists and gaps form between the solder sphere and the substrate

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