Proven Flux-Cored Wire for Robotic/Laser Soldering

Featured Product from Indium Corporation

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Indium Corporation is offering a proven, award-winning flux-cored wire for robotic and laser soldering. 

Indium Corporation’s CW-232 is a uniquely formulated flux-cored wire developed to meet the demanding requirements of robotic and laser soldering applications by delivering additional wetting power in order to achieve higher throughput.

CW-232 has earned the Circuits Assembly New Product Introduction (NPI) Award and Electronics Manufacturing (EM) World‘s Innovation Award.

CW-232 also works exceptionally well in hand soldering applications. Due to its “no-spatter” technology, CW-232 eliminates flux spattering that can burn operators’ hands, impair the vision system of the robotic soldering machines, or make finished products less aesthetically appealing.

Indium Corporation’s CW-232 offers:

  • Extremely low-spatter performance
  • Very fast wetting, even capable of soldering to heavily-tarnished surfaces
  • Light-colored residue
  • Compatibility with Pb-free and SnPb alloys
  • Compatibility with HASL, immersion silver, ENIG, and OSP surface finishes