Ultra-reliable conductivity for heat dissipation

Featured Product from Indium Corporation

A new unique solid/liquid hybrid thermal interface material designed to provide ultra-reliable thermal conductivity for heat dissipation, Indium Corporation’s m2TIMTM combines liquid metal with a solid metal preform. The presence of a solid solder preform absorbs and contains the liquid alloys while improving thermal conductivity.

Other m2TIMTM benefits include:

  • Availability in a variety of alloys, including InGa and InGaSn
  • Extraordinary wetting ability to both metallic and         non-metallic surfaces
  • Extremely low interfacial resistance at surfaces
  • Eliminated risk of pump-out of the liquid alloy due to absorption by solid solder preforms

 For more information about Indium Corporation’s line of thermal interface materials (TIM) products, visit www.indium.com/TIM or reach out via the links on this page. We welcome your inquiries