Thermatool Welding Lines For I-Beam:

Featured Product from Inductotherm Group

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The forge weld, considered by most to be the strongest weld available, is accomplished through Thermatool's HCT, HAZControl Technology software. The combination of selecting the right power and frequency gives structural sections producers the ability to successfully weld different materials including Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Advanced High Strength Steel and even "Weathered" Steels.

• Achieve highest power cost savings with the contact welding process.

• Engineered structural custom beam sections can be delivered cut to length.

• The cost of an ESS system is considerably less than a hot rolling mill.

• Flexibility to change the sizes of the beam to meet various requirements.

• Enhanced ability to meet shorter lead times.

• Provides the welder operator the ability to select the optimum welding frequency at the console, and maintain it.

• Can broaden your product offering; significantly increase yields, and lower production costs.

• Ability to store and retrieve set up parameters, consistent repeatability, and flexibility to produce the best weld despite ever changing mill variables.

• Selectable Variable Frequency welders are now coupled with anoperator friendly control system that enables the user to tailorweld parameters to your products and mill.