LKM Clutches

Product Announcement from Industrial Clutch Products

LKM Clutches-Image
  • Double Disk Clutch
  • Mounting Plate adaptors available as an option
  • 3/4 inch NPT Rotary Air Inlet
  • Maximum Speed 700 to 2100 RPM
  • Static Torque @ 125 PSG 94,600 to 4,074,600
  • Dynamic Torque @125 PSG 82,000 to 3,531,320

Established in 1930, industrial clutch products has designed and manufactured a complete line of dry and oil-immersed clutches and brakes, ranging in size from 8 to over 42 inches in diameter, with torque capacities exceeding four million pound-inches. We also specialize in hydraulics and controls for use with our clutches and brakes.

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