Luminary Automation Series

Featured Product from Industrial Indexing Systems, Inc.

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Quality motion control features:
• Precise positioning with 10,000 divisions per motor turn
• Speed control to +/- 0.1%
• Programmable torque control limits
• Built-in inputs and outputs
Versatile motion capabilities:
• X-Y-Z pick-and-place
• Indexing table for operational sequences
• High speed linear actuators
• Consistent mixing and stirring operations
• Precision grinding, drilling, cleaning
• Automatic quality inspections
• Simple operator interface with a color touchscreen
• Simple confi guration and programming tools
• Servomotors and stepper motors are available

• Range from 30 to 2500 watts
• Speeds to 6000 rpm
• Torques to 12 Nm

Servo Drives:

• Voltage 100v AC to 220v AC
• Current: 3.3, 5 & 10 amp

Software: Full software development system with debugging features


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Industrial Indexing Systems
Industrial Indexing has a primary, enduring goal to bring state-of-the-art servo system products to practical use on the factory floor. 
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IIS automation and motion control solutions are designed to control high speed, multi-axis production machinery.

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