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CE Series Electromagnetic Lifting Magnets

Featured Product from Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

CE Series Electromagnetic Lifting Magnets-Image

Industrial Magnetics, Inc is expanding its lifting magnets line with the CE Series Electromagnetic Lifting Magnets. Acquired through Walker Magnetics, this line is made of circular electric lifting magnets that are specially designed for in-plant or outdoor handling of steel plate, bar stock, castings, forgings, or machined components in all types of industrial plants, steel warehouses, shipyards and fabrication shops.

These magnets can be used individually or in multiples with different types of suspension systems. The complete system is engineered and supplied to include power supply, controls and battery back-up.

The high strength steel bail is accompanied by heavy-duty, fully moisture-protected coils that are engineered for 50% duty cycle. A mating twist lock receptable is provided for convenient installation on the low-carbon steel body for maximum magnetic performance. The coiled cord and twist lock adapter allow for quick connection to DC power source – magnet controller is required.

Available in 6 capacity options, this line is rated from 600 pounds to 10,500 pounds.