Cantilever clamps that do not twist

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Cantilever clamps that do not twist
Kant-Twist™ Cantilever Clamps offer several advantages over standard C-Clamps - they're lighter, stronger and won't walk-off-center! Perfect for spot welding, drilling, bolting - or anywhere you need to hold two pieces firmly together.

The Kant-Twist's innovative cantilever design eliminates the problematic distorting and twisting of your work pieces and provides a strong, 4:1 clamp ratio. The free floating jaws easily adjust to uneven surfaces while offering three different gripping faces to meet your application needs; knurled, smooth and V-slot for holding round stock.

For welding applications, choose a Kant-Twist™ model with copper plated jaws, screw and handle to prevent weld spatter from sticking. If you need precise control over the holding pressure on your material, choose the "Round Handle" for fine tuning capability. The "Deep Throat" model gives you farther reach onto your material for better holding and the "Stainless Steel" model is ideal for clamping material in corrosive or sanitary environments or for use in magnetic applications.

  • Won't walk off-center
  • Much lighter than C-Clamps
  • Greater clamping power
  • Made in USA!


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