Foot Pull for Doors

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100% of profits earned from the sale of the FP01 and FP01M will be donated to local food pantries.

Foot Pull for Doors
This hands-free device lets you gently pull or push open doors using the sole of your shoe - so users don't have to touch potentially contaminated surfaces and can help stop the further spread of germs and bacteria.
Perfect for public restrooms, office buildings and shop floors. Prevents shoe damage and can be used with open toe shoes. Constructed from heavy duty, stainless steel as a one piece, laser-cut and precision formed unit.

For Non-Latching Doors:
The Foot-Pull is all you'll need. Available with either magnetic mount for metal doors(FP01M), which attaches in seconds and can be repositioned to the perfect spot, or direct through-hole mount for non-metal doors(FP01).

For Latching Doors with Lever-Style Handles:
For latching doors with lever-style handles, our Universal J-Hook product can be used to hold the door handle in the open position - converting it into a non-latching style door that can now be used in conjunction with the Foot-Pull. The Universal J-Hook(MX2000JH) attaches directly to steel doors. For non-steel doors, use it in combination with our Magnetic-Stainless Disk(MX0870) that you can mount to your door as an attachment base for the J-Hook.

Foot-Pull Features:

  • Sturdy, one-piece, Stainless Steel construction
  • Use the bottom of the shoe, protecting toes
  • Indoor or Outdoor use
  • Powerful magnet mount installs in seconds and can be repositioned
  • Direct mount, two mounting holes, 2.75" center line, hardware not included
  • USA M.A.D.E™

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