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G-Force Equipment and Easy Arm Intelligent Lift

Featured Product from Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

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Gorbel Lifts
IMI is a proud distributor of Gorbel's Lifting Equipment and an integrator of Gorbel equipment such as the G-Force and Easy Arm™ into custom magnetic lifting solutions.

Gorbel Easy Arm™
G-Force Equipment and Easy Arm Intelligent Lift - a lifting device and articulating jib all in one. The Easy Arm is able to deliver simple intuitive operation, natural movement, pinpoint precision and a wide range of speeds. Combining the responsiveness and flexibility of a human operator, plus the power and endurance of a machine, the Easy-Arm with G-Force technology is faster and more precise than hoists and more responsive and durable that air balancers and vacuum tube lifters.

The Easy Arm improves safety, productivity and quality and is ideal for lifting applications that involve:

  • Reaching into a work cell or around obstructions
  • Reaching under overhead obstructions like conveyors or exhaust hoods
  • Reaching into machines
  • High cycle pick and place
  • Loading/Unloading machined parts
  • Moving products around a workcell
  • Palletizing and depalletizing

Pinpoint Precision: The Easy Arm delivers unparalled precision at speeds from less than 1 fpm(0.3 mpm) up to 150 fpm(46 mpm), giving the operator the control necessary to finesse expensive or fragile parts.

Infinite Speed Control: The Easy Arm moves as fast or as slow as the operator chooses to move. It is ideal for applications that require high speed at some points in the cycle and slow, precise movements at other points.

Available in Two Convenient Configurations: The Easy Arm is available in either Free-Standing or Ceiling or Platform mounted configurations. The free standing models are easy to relocate and do not put stress on the building's overhead structure. Ceiling or platform mounted Easy Arms free up valuable floor space and can service multiple work stations.


  • Float Mode
  • Portable Base
  • Tooling
  • Optional Handles


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