In Line Magnetic Separator (28 lbs. of Pull Value)

Featured Product from Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

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Our LTH (Large Tube Housing®) is a powerful magnetic separator that incorporates 3" diameter rare earth tubes into our proven Drawer-in-Housing configurationfor optimum ferrous metal separation for difficult flowing products. These larger tubes are placed in the housing directly below steep angled diverters that prevent product from bridging or building up on the tubes. The spacing between the tubes is much larger than in a traditional housing with 1 inch diameter tubes, allowing for product to flow freely through the housing.


The 52MgOe magnetic circuit achieves 28 lbs. of pull value on a 1/2" ball - the highest value of any 3" circuit available on the market. Combined with a gauss averaging 12,385, our design offers the strongest and most effective solution to capture ferrous pieces, as well as smaller fines and weakly magnetic contaminants from a product flow. As product flows into the top of the housing, it's forced past the tubes by the diverters. This ensures that the product comes in direct contact with a magnet as it travels through the housing.


As ferrous metal passes through the magnetic field, it is held to the tubes and separated from the product. The metal must be cleaned from the tubes on a regular basis to prevent buildup and subsequent wash-off into the product flow.