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Our Most Advanced Rare Earth Lifting Magnet

Featured Product from Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

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Take advantage of our most advanced On/Off, Permanent Rare Earth Lifting Magnet
The AdvantageLift™ has many advantages over other lift magnets on the market. This "On/Off" Permanent Rare Earth Lift magnet built to last in a heavy-duty industrial work environment while providing all the safety features that protect workers and equipment. First, the handle operation is by far the best and most ergonomic feature of the magnet. Handle moves laterally in and out instead of pulling the handle or pressing a release button or lever.

While other magnets are not equipped to allow use a "cheater bar" to turn a magnet "On" and "Off," this lift magnet can accommodate a tubular bar or pipe. This reduces the need to bend over to turn the magnet "On" and "Off" when lifting steel off pallets or the floor. Removal of any "cheater bar" or pipe during the lift process is recommended to prevent damage to the handle and other items the bar could encounter. Second, the lifting bail is the "lock-out" feature for this magnet. When magnet is under load, the lifting bail lock-out prevents the handle from being rotated to the "Off" position. This feature works on the vertical lifting bail as well.

Features and Benefits

  • "On/Off" Permanent Rare Earth Magnet
  • Handle moves laterally instead of pulling, pressing buttons or levers
  • Locking lifting bail(s) prevents accidental load release during lift
  • Recessed (protected) labels for extended life
  • Lifts flats both horizontally and vertically with Vertical Lift Bail
  • Supports custom pole shoes (1/4"-20 Tapped Holes, 1/2" deep)
  • Swiveling Lift Bail(s)
  • Operating temperature range of -10°F (-23°C) to 180°F (82 °C)
  • 3:1 Design Factor
  • ASME B30.20 BTH-1 Design Category B Service Class 3


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