Preventative Maintenance Service

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Preventative Maintenance Service

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. is proud to offer a dedicated technician to assist customers with preventative maintenance, service, regulatory, audit and related requirements on magnetic equipment.

Preventative Maintenance Benefits

  • Independent 3rd party auditing keeps your facility in compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Visual inspection of magnet(s)
  • Onsite repairs, upgrades and more all performed by a qualified Technician
  • Check for excessive wear
  • Replace worn parts such as magnet, gaskets and seals
  • Cycle through mechanical steps to ensure motors, belting, cylinders, guide rods, etc. are in proper working order
  • Technician performs and documents pull tests to determine magnet strength and provide recommendations for continued use, “watch list” or immediate replacement of magnet(s) and/or components
  • IMI can provide a Technician to match your QA/QC schedule
  • Technician can train your Maintenance Staff on Best Practices for ensuring maximum performance and longevity of magnet(s)
  • Ideal opportunity to create a PM Schedule on magnet(s) by getting onto the IMI PM Calendar


Technician Qualifications

Our Preventative Maintenance/Service Technician has an extensive background and knowledge of magnetic assemblies and devices that, paired with health, safety and other training, creates the ideal individual to work on magnetic equipment in your facility.

  • OSHA 30 Hour General Industry Standards Certificate
  • 19 years experience Fabricating, Welding and building magnetic assemblies and devices at Industrial Magnetics
  • Certified Occupational Health & Safety Officer
  • Hazardous Materials Responder - Operations Level
  • Certified Michigan Fire Instructor
  • Certified Fire Officer III
  • Certified Michigan Fire Fighter II
  • Certified Michigan EMT
  • Variety of related Certifications via State of Michigan DELAG and FEMA


Magnetic Solutions By Industry
You will find hundreds of Industrial Magnetics, Inc’s off the shelf magnetic products used in industries hundreds of products used various industries. However, it is our ability to design and manufacturer custom magnetic solutions for your specific situation in any industry.

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. provides solutions that help improve productivity, purify products, protect processing equipment, increase profits and create a safer and more ergonomic manufacturing process.

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IMI is an industry leader in providing both permanent magnets and electromagnets for work holding, lifting, fixturing, conveying and magnetic separation.

At IMI, our specialty is custom fabricating! We design, engineer and manufacture magnetic assemblies and magnetic separation devices for our customers' specific requirements, and take pride in the quality and performance of our products.

With worldwide distribution through a combination of a direct sales force and manufacturers representatives, we strive to provide personalized service and innovative solutions to meet the exact needs of your application.