1200V Highspeed3 IGBT in TO-247PLUS 4pin

Product Announcement from Infineon Technologies AG

1200V IGBT in TO-247PLUS 4pin package offers higher current capability and lowest switching losses. The 4pin package configuration provides ultra-low inductance to the gate-emitter control loop with the 4pin package directly to the gate driver and allows for reduction the both of Eon and Eoff losses amounting up to 20% lower total switching losses Ets.


  • High power density - up to 75A 1200V IGBT co-packed with 75A diode in TO-247 footprint
  • 20% total switching losses reduction Ets due to 4pin package configuration
  • 20% lower Rth(jh) compared to TO-247-3
  • 15% better heat dissipation of TO-247PLUS vs TO-247-3
  • Extended collector-emitter pin creepage of 5.4mm
  • Extended clip creepage due to fully encapsulated front side of the package