500V-950V CoolMOS™ N-Channel Power MOSFET

Featured Product from Infineon Technologies AG

Designed to attend to the growing consumer needs in the high voltage MOSFETs arena, the latest 950V CoolMOS™ P7 technology focuses on the low power SMPS market, addressing a range of applications, such as lighting, smart meter, mobile phone charger or notebook adapter, as well as AUX power supply and industrial SMPS. Offering 50V more blocking voltage than its predecessor CoolMOS™ C3, the new 950 V P7 series delivers outstanding performance in terms of efficiency, thermal behavior and ease-of-use.

As the all other P7 family members, the 950V CoolMOS™ P7 series comes with an integrated Zener diode ESD protection. The integrated diode considerably improves ESD robustness, thus reducing ESD-related yield loss and reaching exceptional ease-of-use levels. CoolMOS™ P7 is developed with best-in-class VGS(th) of 3V and a narrow tolerance of only ±0.5V, which makes it easy to drive and design-in.

With over 20 years of experience in superjunction technology, Infineon introduces 950V CoolMOS™ P7 with best-in-class DPAK on-resistance (RDS(on)). This SMD device comes with the RDS(on) of 450 mΩ - more than 60% lower RDS(on) compared to the nearest competitor. Such low RDS(on) value enables higher density designs while decreasing BOM and assembly cost.


  • Best-in-class FOM RDS(on)* Eoss; reduced Qg, Ciss and Coss
  • Best-in-class DPAK RDS(on) of 450 m?
  • Best-in-class V(GS)th of 3 V and smallest V(GS)th variation of ±0.5 V
  • Integrated Zener Diode ESD protection up to Class 2 (HBM)
  • Best-in-class quality and reliability

Compared to competition, the 950V CoolMOS™ P7 delivers best-in-class efficiency and thermal performance. Plug-and-play at 90VAC in a 40W adapter reference design, featuring the snubberless concept, demonstrates excellent efficiency gains of up to 0.2% and lower MOSFET temperature of up to 5.2°C compared to similar competitor technology.