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Add matter and security to your smart home devices

Featured Product from Infineon Technologies AG

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OPTIGA™ Trust M data sheet 

The easiest way to add Matter and security to your smart home devices

OPTIGA™ Trust M MTR is our OPTIGA™ Trust M discrete security solution combined with a Matter provisioning service. It is Matter-certified and works with any MCU/SoC, making it easy to add secured Matter compatibility to existing IoT designs. Working closely with our partner Kudelski IoT, we offer late-stage personalized Device Attestation Certificate injection to give OEMs the flexibility to update DACs right up until the start of production.

Summary of Features

  • CSA Certified Matter certificates
  • Pre-provisioned TLS certificates
  • CC EAL 6+ certified
  • ECC NIST Curves up to P521
  • Cryptographic toolbox                       
  • ECC 512 and RSA up to 2K key size
  • AES, HMAC and Key derivation
  • TRNG AIS-31 certified
  • Built-in crypto accelerator



  • Easy to add Matter compatibility
  • Works with any MCU/MPU
  • Allows retention of existing designs
  • Personalized DAC for download
  • High flexibility
  • Allows creation of multiple variants
  • Robust Security
  • NDA-free product documentation