CDM10Vxxx - Dimming Interface ICs

Product Announcement from Infineon Technologies AG

All devices out of the CDM10Vxxx family replace many components in a traditional solution and reduce BOM and PCB space significantly.

The CDM10Vxxx family of fully integrated 0-10 V dimming interface ICs all comes in 6pin SOT packages to cover space requirements on small PCBs. The devices are targeted for various dimming applications in lighting. The ICs can be used to transmit analog voltage based signals from a 0-10 V dimmer or potentiometer to the dimming or PWM input of a lighting controller IC in the form of a current based PWM signal to drive an external opto-coupler.


  • Minimum duty cycle: 5% or 10%
  • Iout current to drive e.g. opto-couplers: 1 mA or 5 mA
  • PWM output frequency: 1kHz
  • Dimmer/resistor bias current: 120 μA
  • Dim-to-off: disabled/enabled

They support active and passive dimming min duty cycle and dim-to-off. CDM10VDxxx devices are focused on applications with dim-to-off together with min-duty-cycle requirements and supports PWM dimming as well. One family solution for various applications.

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