Fixed frequency flyback controllers

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To further enhance the efficiency performance, frequency reduction operation has been implemented into CoolSET™ Gen. 5 to achieve higher efficiency with lower switching frequency at mid and light load condition. In addition, for low AC line input operation, CCM (Continuous Current Mode) operation has been implemented to achieve lower conduction losses, thereby achieving a higher efficiency to meet international regulatory standards.

To further reduce BOM count and cost of a non-isolated flyback design, an integrated error amplifier is integrated to allow a direct feedback from the primary output with minimal components and complexity. The fifth Generation of CoolSET™ is available in both DIP-7 and DSO-12 packages.


  • Integrated with 700 V and 800 V superjunction MOSFETs with avalanche capability
  • Comprehensive suite of protection
  • Fixed frequency switching scheme with eco mode
  • Support both DCM and CCM current control mode
  • Direct feedback with integrated error amplifier for non-isolated topologies

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