Highest Current Density IGBT in TO-247PLUS Package

Featured Product from Infineon Technologies AG

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Higher current capability TO-247PLUS package accommodates up to 75A 1200V IGBT co-packed with 75A 1200V diode in TO-247 footprint.


  • High power density - up to 75A 1200V IGBT co-packed with 75A diode in TO-247 footprint
  • 20% lower Rth(jh) compared to TO-247-3
  • 15% better heat dissipation of TO-247PLUS vs TO-247-3
  • Extended collector-emitter pin creepage of 4.25mm
  • Extended clip creepage due to fully encapsulated front side of the package


  • Easy upgrade of available designs for higher power
  • Reduced paralleling, simplified design
  • Lower BOM cost
  • Improved thermal management, lower Tc
  • Easy and fast clip mounting, no need to consider screw hole creepage

Application examples:

Reducing number of IGBT used in parallel:

Replacing 2pcs of 25A 1200V with 1pcs 50A 1200V
Replacing 2pcs of 40A 1200V in TO-247 with 1pcs 75A 1200V in TO-247PLUS

Upgrading available design for higher power:

Replacing 40A 1200V IGBT in TO-247 with 75A 1200V in TO-247PLUS allows > 40% Ic(nom) increase