IRPS5401 POL digital voltage regulator

Product Announcement from Infineon Technologies AG

The IRPS5401 has been developed as a fully integrated PMIC solution that replaces multiple regulators with a single device in a compact 7 mm x 7 mm 56 pin QFN package, making it a perfect fit for current and future applications in high density ASIC, FPGA and CPU multi-rail systems, embedded computing systems and communication and storage systems.

Features & benefits

  • Multi-output DC-DC with integrated FETs and sequencer
  • Replaces many regulators with one PMIC
    • 4 switchers and 1 LDO in one package
    • Output A: 2 A (without), 50 A(with power stage)
    • Output B: 2 A
    • Outputs C,D: 4 A
    • Linear regulator: +/-0.5 A
    • Combined outputs C,D in dual phase mode for low ripple 8 A output
  • Output voltage settable in fine resolution 5 mV steps
  • Full PMBus: Margining, fault management, telemetry

Target applications are FPGAs and ASICs in telecom, computing, video processing or IoT.

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