Replace fuse/relay: Power PROFET™ BTS50010-1TAD

Product Announcement from Infineon Technologies AG

The BTS50010-1TAD is the lowest ohmic power switch of the smart high-side Power PROFET™ family. With a 1.0mΩ RDS(ON) single channel, it offers the benchmark current and energy capabilities to drive applications up to 40A DC (INOM). It provides protection functions and diagnosis.


  • Ultra-low ohmic 1.0mΩ RDS(ON) smart high-side power switch
  • High current capability with up to 40A DC (INOM) and 150A inrush current
  • Benchmark energy handling capability (EAS = 3000mJ, EAR = 460mJ at INOM)
  • Outstanding protection performance of more than 1,000,000 short circuit cycles (Grade A according to AEC-Q100)
  • Current sense with ±8% Dkilis variation after calibration and fault digital feedback
  • Integrated protection functions and diagnostics
  • Operating voltage range from 8V to 18V

Applications: Replacement of electromechanical relays, fuses and discrete circuits in power distribution and junction boxes. Drive resistive, inductive and capacitive loads such as heating resistors, filter capacitors, motor, valves and pumps. High current applications such as ECU power feeds, auxiliary power outlets, PTC heaters and rear window heaters. Systems with high switching cycles and high energy requirements such as "start-stop" and electric brake vacuum pumps.

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