TMR-Based Angle Sensors for Automotive Application

Featured Product from Infineon Technologies AG

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InfineonĀ“s new magnetic sensor products TLE5501, are fast analogue TMR-based angle sensors dedicated to automotive applications. Their fields of use range from steering angle applications with the highest functional safety requirements to motors for wipers, pumps and actuators and electric motors in general. They are also ready to be used in industrial and consumer applications like robotics or gimbal.

Angle sensors detect the orientation of an applied magnetic field by measuring sine and cosine angle components with monolithically integrated magneto resistive elements.

InfineonĀ“s iGMR sensors are ideal for applications with a wide angle range, such as BLDC motor or steering sensors. They are pre-calibrated and ready-to-use. Different levels of signal processing integration enable designers to optimize system partitioning.

Our iAMR sensors are ideal for applications with the highest accuracy requirements, as they offer best performance over temperature, lifetime and magnetic field range.

Dual-sensor solutions with two redundant sensors in the place of one

Thanks to the use of innovative stack-mounting technology, the devices of the angle sensor family combine two independent sensors within standard and space-saving TDSO packages which are only about 1 mm thick. It has the same width and length as a conventional single-sensor package. Compared to the common approach of side-by-side sensor placement, the advantages of the top-bottom placement include a more homogeneous magnetic field over the sensing elements and a significantly smaller footprint. This saves precious space and cuts down on expense in safety- critical applications, as a lower-cost ferrite magnet can provide a sufficient magnetic field for the sensors.