XMC4800 Automation Board-V2

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The XMC4800 Automation Board V2 utilizes Infineon’s industry leading XMC ARM® Cortex®-M4 microcontroller in combination with Infineon supply, interface, and communication and safety products. The XMC4800 Automation Board V2 is designed to evaluate the capabilities of the XMC4800 Microcontroller especially in EtherCAT® slave applications and can be used with a wide range of development tools including Infineon’s free of charge Eclipse based IDE, DAVE™.


  • XMC4800-E196 microcontroller based on ARM® Cortex®-M4@144MHZ - EtherCAT® slave controller, 2MB Flash and 352KB RAM
  • Serial Wire Debug interface (to connect external debugger)
  • ESD and reverse current protection Isoface
  • OPTIGA™ Trust E
  • Real Time Clock crystal
  • SPI FRAM (64kB non-volatile memory)
  • EtherCAT® slave node (2 EtherCAT® PHY and RJ45 Jacks)
  • 24V ISOFACE™ 8xIN and 8xOUT
  • CAN transceiver
  • Ethernet PHY and RJ45 Jack

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