Quad Channel Pyroelectric Detector

Featured Product from InfraTec GmbH

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The LRM-274 from InfraTec is a quad channel pyroelectric detector ideal for integration into flame sensor measurement instruments.  It offers an extremely wide field of view (FOV) in combination with a compact design.

When organic substances such as wood, natural gas, petrol and various plastics are catching fire, spectral radiation of typical wavelengths is emitted. As a specialist in flame detection technology, InfraTec is expanding its range of specialized detectors that detect radiation in precisely this area with their miniaturized, quad channel, pyroelectric detector, LRM-274 detector.


  • Wide field of view
  • Quad channel
  • TO8 housing
  • Medium chip size
  • Thermal compensation
  • Single supply
  • OpAmp
  • Current mode
  • Feedback 100 GOhm