Radiometric Microbolometer Camera

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The high-resolution thermographic system VarioCAM® HD Z by InfraTec is the world’s first commercially available radiometric microbolometer camera providing a motorized 6× infrared zoom lens for the spectral range of (7.5 … 14) μm. Equipped with an uncooled FPA detector, it provides brilliant 16 bit thermal images of the highest quality with (1,024 × 768) IR pixels. This combination of HD format thermal images and the lens with continuous zoom opens the door to thermal analysis of processes with an unprecedented attention to detail for the user. The potential range of applications extends from securing large outdoor and safety areas such as chemical plants and fuel deposits to environmental monitoring, animal observation and detection of hotspots as part of early fire detection. All these tasks can be solved precisely due to the automatic image stabilization even at night and in adverse visibility conditions. The equipment with high-quality components supports the efficient use of the stationary system 24 hours a day.