Chemical&Biological Analysis with Thin-Film Sensor

Featured Product from Innovative Sensor Technology IST USA Division

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Conductivity measurement applications are on the rise, as a simple and inexpensive way to control the ionic content in a solution. Conductivity sensors can commonly be seen in water purification systems, appliances, food/drink preparation equipment, oceanographic equipment, and more.

During this webinar presentation, we will discuss what electrical conductivity is and why we measure it. We'll go in depth about common sensing techniques and take a close-up look at IST AG's LFS conductivity sensor line-up. After reviewing how they work, we will discuss the importance of the sensor's cell constant and the benefits of 2-electrode and 4-electrode measurement for different applications. We'll then take a trip to the cleanroom and see how they are made, step-by-step, using thin- and thick-film processes. Lastly, we'll discuss sensor customization for unique applications

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