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IST AG's latest product is the robust LFS1505 thick-film sensor, which features fast response times, optimal accuracy, resistance to various chemicals and can be adapted to the needs of any application from small order quantities to high-volume production.

The LFS1505 standard conductivity sensor is an ideal low-cost solution for handheld instruments in medical technology that require single-use sensors, such as for autoclaving, and its wide range of applications extends from water treatment and quality monitoring to fuel cell applications to descaling prevention in white goods and kitchen appliances.

"We are very pleased to meet the market demand for a low-cost conductivity sensor by launching the LFS1505 as a standard sensor," says Stefan Wolf, R&D team leader, IST AG, adding: "IST's existing portfolio consists of various conductivity sensors with a built-in temperature sensor, thus killing two birds with one stone. However, some applications already have temperature measurement included and only need a single-parameter component to measure conductivity. While the conductivity measurement quality of the new LFS1505 remains the same, its competitive price makes it suitable for single-use applications. It is a standard "off-the rack" sensor, but we can also develop it to meet specific application requirements in a short development and production time."

The sensor has a conductivity range of 1000 μS/cm to 100,000 mS/cm (typical cell constant 0.66 cm-1 ); 4 electrodes and operates over a temperature range of -30 °C to +100 °C. The chip size is 14.9 x 5.5 x 0.65 mm and the dimensions of the 4 leads are Ø 0.2 mm, length 20 mm.

IST AG's conductivity sensors are used in a variety of applications, from water treatment and quality monitoring to leak detection in cooling and heat exchangers and condensers to chemical processing, pharmaceutical and medical applications, the food and beverage industry and analytical laboratories.

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