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Flow&Humidity Measurement with Thin-Film Sensors

Featured Product from Innovative Sensor Technology IST USA Division

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Thermal mass flow sensors and capacitive humidity sensors are widely used in industrial, HVAC, aerospace, automotive, meteorological, medical and laboratory applications as a simple and inexpensive way to measure the flow rate and moisture content in various gases and liquids.

This webinar will present the anemometric and calorimetric thermal mass flow measurement principles employed by IST AG's thin-film flow sensors. Viewers will also learn about the importance of selecting the right materials for optimal sensor behavior, the cleanroom fabrication processes used to make thermal mass flow sensors, and how the sensors can be custom tailored, for specific applications.

Finally, the presentation will review capacitive humidity sensors and humidity-temperature modules: their measurement technologies, IST AG's sensing mechanisms and the importance of temperature compensation and sensor calibration.

Key Takeaways:
  • Understand the working principles behind thin-film thermal mass flow sensors, capacitive humidity sensors and humidity-temperature modules
  • Discuss application areas and their corresponding sensor types
  • Understand the importance of accurate temperature measurement for both flow and humidity sensing technologies
  • Learn how these thin-film sensors are produced, using cleanroom processes
  • Discover why some of the application-specific customization options from IST AG are beneficial for customers


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