Smallest Humidity Sensor w/Fast Response Time

Featured Product from Innovative Sensor Technology IST USA Division

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The P14 4051 Rapid 2 Thermo Humidity sensor features an on-chip heater and temperature sensor and operates at temperatures from - 80 °C up to + 150 °C. Smaller than the P14 Rapid its response time is 3times faster, and its outstanding sensitivity allows for a fast recovery time. It is temperature shock-resistant and robust against icing.

Ultra-fast response times are often required in applications such a weather balloons, Radiosondes, Drones etc.  requiring meteorology – not only in normal conditions, but also under elevated environmental constraints such as extremely low temperatures, high radiation levels and under extreme condensation.

Customized adaptations are available on request.  Contact your IST team to get sensor chip implementation support for your project.