Temperature Sensors for Narrow Spaces

Featured Product from Innovative Sensor Technology IST USA Division

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For applications with limited and narrow spaces, IST AG offers Pt1000 RTD sensors with axial lead wires. Its extremely narrow sensor chip construction and glass passivation allows for temperature measurement in very tight spaces, with a  tolerance: +/-10% Offset at 0°C in the range between  -200°C - +400°C. For example, where the sensor must fit in a drill hole or tube with an inner diameter of less than 0.6 mm.

Other construction examples could be where sensors with axial lead wires are applied in long hoses or channels, picking up the temperature at several points acting as averaging sensors.

Further Pt RTD solutions for temperature monitoring in small spaces offered by IST AG comprise sensors with inverted welded and bent leads for easier insertion into tubes. IST AG’s development team continually finds solutions to match any customer’s application needs. Take advantage of our long-term experience in our custom sensor system integration knowledge and consult with us to solve your sensor-challenges!

For more information visit our page on temperature sensors. 

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