Compact beam position monitor

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Libera Spark ERXR
Libera Spark (version ERXR) is a compact electron beam position processor that offers high-precision position measurement. It is optimized to work with button and stripline pickups. The digital signal processing supports detailed adjustment of the processing window and position measurement in various regimes and bandwidths. Optionally, it supports the pilot tone processing, too. The data available to the user ranges from bunch-to-bunch, turn-by-turn to slow data stream. The instrument is typically used in booster or storage rings.


  • Best price/performance ratio
  • Compact and robust design
  • Power over Ethernet
  • No maintenance required
  • Source code available
  • Variety of interfaces (e.g. EPICS, TANGO, HTTP, MATLAB, etc.)


Data Processing:

Input signals are sampled at 100-125 MHz PLL-controlled sampling frequency. Raw ADC data is stored in a buffer and further processed through a time-domain processing block (TDP) and frequency-domain processing block (DDC, I&Q demodulation). Optionally, a special instrument’s version supports additional DDC block for pilot-tone signal.

The turn-by-turn processing blocks can be fine-tuned with processing delay, offset and masking window. Data from first turns and other machine studies is available on-demand using hardware or software trigger.

The Fast and Slow data are both generated from the turn-by-turn data using FIR filters with 2 kHz and 5 Hz bandwidths, respectively. Optionally, the Fast data can be output through a dedicated RJ-45 interface as a real-time data stream.

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